President’s Message, July 26 OVTD Meeting
By Linda Libertino

I want to thank the residents who participated in the annual election on May 24. I greatly appreciate your vote of confidence for my third year as the Tax District president. I look forward to serving with my same team along with two new directors. You also elected Tom Aubin as vice president, Tom Becker as treasurer  and Jonathan Towle as clerk. I welcome Dan Kanner and Barbara Davis to their first meeting serving on the Tax District and we thank you for volunteering your time to help the Village.

I wish to compliment Executive Director Fred Rodriguez and Director of Maintenance Operations Mark Rhatigan for their ongoing professionalism and knowledge in working with the Tax District directors. In addition, I thank the office staff members and the maintenance teams for their ongoing excellent work. The committees under the Tax District do not manage the projects. That is the role for Fred and Mark to fulfill together with any related issues that might arise. The committees are involved with projects by making policy decisions.  Fred and Mark then have the responsibility of accomplishing the project goals within policies established by the OVTD Board.

As you know from reading the July 15 Villager article written by Bill Tanski, an Access Control System will be installed in the community during the current fiscal year. As Tax District president, I would not be fulfilling my duties if I did not have Village security as a top-priority. Making an investment of $29,000 to improve safety for the Villagers is the responsible thing to do. It is a small investment for the security of residents.

We live in a wonderful community where neighbors and friends look after each other, but we must be realistic and understand that we live in a different world today. One of my duties as your OVTD president is to keep our condominium community safe for years to come. As we know, labor shortages — as well as costs — prevent us from staffing and monitoring the clubhouses and pools during all hours of operation as we have done in the past. Having controlled access will give peace of mind to those residents using the facilities that anyone entering is a current resident and/or staff member.

Jonathan Towle, Roads Committee chairperson, will give a report of the status of the road project. Mark Rhatigan has sent the road specifications to multiple contractors who we hope will bid on the project. We will have pre-bid meetings during the coming weeks to discuss the scope of work and the project’s entirety with the selected  contractors. We will then be able to announce the roads that Falcon recommends for fall paving.

Mighty Oak Tree and Lawn Care has completed the systemic pesticide injection treatments for the white birch trees. This annual preventive maintenance procedure takes place every June. In addition, our maintenance staff, under the direction of Mark Rhatigan, is continuing to remove diseased trees that are on our property.

Under new business, Ray Vermette made a motion in response to a vote passed by the majority of the OVCA Board members at its meeting on July 19, 2022. Ray’s motion read: “I move that the OVTD Board votes its approval to assume the expenses and oversight responsibilities to maintain, care and improve OVCA’s outdoor recreational facilities; i.e., pools, racquet and bocce courts, and —  for the remainder of this fiscal year — OVCA will reimburse OVTD monthly from its revenues all expenses incurred by OVTD for such services, after which time the expenses for servicing the recreational facilities will be included in OVTD’s fiscal budget.” Tom Becker seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

I made four separate motions to approve the committees for this year, and Bill Tanski seconded them. All directors voted in favor of the four committees, which are as follows:

Roads Chairperson Jonathan Towle and members Bill Tanski, Tom Aubin, Pete Penny and Barbara Davis

Finance Chairperson Tom Becker and members Jonathan Towle, Dan Kanner and Ray Vermette

Security and Safety Chairperson Bill Tanski and member Elaine Pivirotto

Trees Chairperson Dennis Caffrey

The mission statement for the Tax District was developed under Ray Vermette’s presidency in 2018 and it reads: “Support Oronoque Village residents’ property values and lifestyles by maintaining and improving the Village’s roads, underground utilities, trees, pest control, safety, street lighting and security with prudent planning and management, and acquire all vehicles and related equipment while providing residents with tax-savings and other benefits available to a Tax District municipal government.”

We will continue to plan in all areas of our responsibility and protect your tax dollars carefully with all our recommended projects.

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