For those who like to participate in sports and keep fit, Oronoque Village is an ideal setting — with active residents eager to meet you for a daily match at the racquet sports facility or a round of golf. Residents can work out year-round in our fitness center or join trainer-led exercise, yoga and Zumba groups. When the weather is warm, groups gather to work out in our swimming pools. For the artistically inclined, we have an art room and art gallery; residents can browse our media library and DVD collection at the monitor’s office.

But you don’t have to be athletic to be active and engaged at Oronoque Village.

There are clubs and interest groups to match nearly any hobby or passion. If you like to travel, to garden, to decorate your home, to act or sing in Village productions, to attend Village concerts and lectures, to play cards or billiards, to discuss the stock market, to participate in a book club, to make dolls, learn to dance … there is ample opportunity at Oronoque Village. You can become a volunteer writer or photographer for our twice-monthly community publication. There are other volunteer and charitable opportunities, and even a chance to grow vegetables in our “Mini-Farms” area. Our governing Oronoque Village Condominium Association boards and committees are active and vibrant parts of the community, with abundant opportunities to add your expertise as a committee member, a district representative or even an executive officer.