A Message From the OV Tax District President

By Linda Libertino

This was our fourth teleconference/video OVTD meeting. Due to the CORONA-19 virus, we are unable to have a safe in-person meeting.

The agenda for this meeting was limited to considering a proposal to fund a proportional share of the expenses to perform a land survey involving the Oronoque Country Club (OCC) driving range and nearby area. OVTD would pay 40 percent — or up to $8,700 — of the cost for this survey. OVCA will pay the balance. The survey includes a report on the viability of the property’s building potential.

The survey was recommended by our Executive Director Fred Rodriguez and also by OVCA’s recently formed Oronoque County Club Ad Hoc Committee. This parcel of land is owned by our neighbor, Oronoque Country Club. It is located behind the Oronoque Maintenance Building and consists of the driving range and adjacent property bordering the driving range.

We have been informed that OCC has been experiencing financial difficulties during the past several years, and it may be considering various options for the use of the driving range and adjacent land. That is part of the reason why Oronoque Village is paying for the cost of the survey, as we want to get it done as soon as possible so that we can understand whether alternate uses of the land are possible.

The survey will include the drainage and infrastructure issues that might be of concern to us, and how the Tax District might have to be involved if the land is ever considered for some type of development.

This was a business decision and not a legal decision. Considering OVTD’s responsibilities to maintain and care for the integrity of Oronoque Village’s infrastructure, our historical problems with water runoff from golf course land infiltrating various areas of the Village, and the expenses incurred by the Tax District in addressing these water runoff problems, the TD Board felt it was important to be proactive versus reactive regarding the Golf Club.

Now is the time for prudent planning. With the survey being done now, we can be better prepared for the future. The motion to fund up to $8,700 of the survey cost was made and seconded, and passed unanimously.