Golf Course Status Update

Dear Residents:

Our Village has consistently had concerns related to the viability and success of the golf course as our partner and neighbor.

We have been in discussion with the owners of the golf course (CBIGG/CBON), for several months, expressing our concerns about the future of the operation.

Accordingly, non-exclusive NDAs (non-disclosure agreements)  were executed in order to continue a dialogue on various scenarios and alternatives in order to formulate the best course of action that would benefit the Village and protect the interests of the membership in the community.

At this juncture, no commitments have been made, no decisions have been made, no agreements have been executed and — regardless of the rumors or representations being made by others — no purchase has occurred.

The Executive Board members are obligated to uphold the confidentiality requirements of the NDA; when the time comes that they are in a position to provide you with details, a Town Hall event will be scheduled quickly.

In the interim, it should be noted that any material changes in the Village’s operation requires consideration by the members.

Best regards,

Linda Libertino – President – Oronoque Village Tax District
Lee Shlafer – President – Oronoque Village Condominium Association, Inc.
Fred Rodriguez – Executive Director