How to Report Cable/Internet/Phone Issues to Optimum

In the event a resident is having a problem with their Optimum cable, Internet or telephone, the following procedure is suggested as a means of achieving a satisfactory resolution.

1. Call Optimum (Altice) at 203-336-2225

2. Explain that you live at Oronoque Village in Stratford Ct. and are a BULK CUSTOMER of Altice.

3. Provide your name and home address and email if you have one

4. Obtain the name of the person taking your call

5. Explain your problem

6. Ask for confirmation that they are the correct person to handle your problem

7. If the answer is no, ask for the name and number of the individual you should contact

8. Ask how long it should be for the problem to be corrected.

9. Make a note of the date of your call, the person you spoke to and the information you were given

10. If no resolution to the problem was offered, or if the resolution did not take place within the time specified, contact Linda Arvers in the OV Business Office at 203-377-5313, extension 1. Linda will contact the Altice management person responsible for customer service.

11. Provide Linda with all the information you have documented

12. Allow 5 days to elapse. If the problem is not resolved, follow up with Linda or Fred Rodriguez.

Note: Please do not shortcut this process and go to Linda Arvers directly. Unless she is able to provide the Altice management person with the information about the effort made by the resident, she cannot request further assistance.