Major Road Replacement to Begin Oct. 12

Major road replacement is scheduled to begin on Monday, Oct. 12, and conclude by the end of the month.

Roads to be completed, in sequence, are Quinnipiac Lane, Pequot Lane, Oneida Lane and Sioux Lane.

All roads listed above will be milled and repaved. Any driveways attached to given roads will be replaced as well. All driveway replacement consists of a complete tear out, as the asphalt mill machines cannot fit in the smaller driveways. This also allows for a new proper sub-base to accommodate heavier vehicles, such as garbage trucks, that have caused cracks when reversing into driveways.

New “Cape Cod Style” curbing also will be installed and there will be replacement of any defective catch basin tops that have been identified. At this time, we will be installing a new parking area on Huron Lane to accommodate additional parking spaces for Buckskin residents.

Phases for Road Replacement

            Phase 1: Mill and remove 2 inches of asphalt on all roads listed, to include curbing.

            Phase 2: Remove/replace flat and curb top catch basins as needed. Any additional repairs needed to interior of catch basins will be addressed at this time.

            Phase 3: Tear out all driveways, address any drainage issues. Prep driveways for repaving.

            Phase 4: Repave all driveways.

            Phase 5: Repave all roads.

      Phase 6: Install new curbing.

            Phase 7: Repaint new road striping (if needed) and stop bars.