Notice of OVCA Board Meeting on June 15

Oronoque Village Condominium Association Board of Directors Meeting

7 p.m., June 15, 2021


Open Forum

Roll Call

Approval of May 18, 2021 Board Minutes

President’s Comments

Executive Director’s Comments

Maintenance Director’s Comments

Treasurer’s Report

Committee Reports:

Standing Committees





Racquet Sports


House Facilities

50th Gala

Social Activities

Unfinished Business – none

New Business

A motion will be presented to accept the recommendation of the Compliance sub-Committee to impose a fine for failure to remove non-compliant awning.

Closing Forum

Adjourn Meeting


Note: This meeting will be held in the North Clubhouse 600 North Trail, Stratford, Connecticut. This meeting will be recorded for the purposes of validating that minutes were correctly captured. The recording will be deleted once the minutes are approved at an upcoming Board meeting. Your consent to the recording is assumed if you join the session.