Pruning Cycle Maps & Schedule

The 2021 pruning cycle is slated to kick off Monday, June 28th, weather permitting. We will be utilizing Lemos Landscaping, who we used last year.

 Links to the map schedule for the north and south sides are pasted in below and also are posted on the website,

To view the Northside pruning schedule, please click here

To view the Southside pruning schedule, please click here

As in past years, we will be using pink ribbon to identify specific shrubs residents do not want pruned by the contractor, along with Amber reflectors to signify “no pruning” of the entire foundation area on that given unit.

 Reflectors will be installed by Maintenance staff members on the exterior of the unit when requested via work order or by phone. We have changed the ribbon color for shrub removal to a hi-viz green so it will not be mistaken for “no-pruning.”

 The pink ribbon will be distributed to residents to tie off on shrubs they wish not to be pruned.

Ribbon we be available for pickup at the Business and Maintenance Office. Also, rolls have been handed out to Maintenance Reps  to distribute within their districts.