Golf Course Status Update

Dear Residents:

Our Village has consistently had concerns related to the viability and success of the golf course as our partner and neighbor.

We have been in discussion with the owners of the golf course (CBIGG/CBON), for several months, expressing our concerns about the future of the operation.

Accordingly, non-exclusive NDAs (non-disclosure agreements)  were executed in order to continue a dialogue on various scenarios and alternatives in order to formulate the best course of action that would benefit the Village and protect the interests of the membership in the community.

At this juncture, no commitments have been made, no decisions have been made, no agreements have been executed and — regardless of the rumors or representations being made by others — no purchase has occurred.

The Executive Board members are obligated to uphold the confidentiality requirements of the NDA; when the time comes that they are in a position to provide you with details, a Town Hall event will be scheduled quickly.

In the interim, it should be noted that any material changes in the Village’s operation requires consideration by the members.

Best regards,

Linda Libertino – President – Oronoque Village Tax District
Lee Shlafer – President – Oronoque Village Condominium Association, Inc.
Fred Rodriguez – Executive Director


How to Report Cable/Internet/Phone Issues to Optimum

In the event a resident is having a problem with their Optimum cable, Internet or telephone, the following procedure is suggested as a means of achieving a satisfactory resolution.

1. Call Optimum (Altice) at 203-336-2225

2. Explain that you live at Oronoque Village in Stratford Ct. and are a BULK CUSTOMER of Altice.

3. Provide your name and home address and email if you have one

4. Obtain the name of the person taking your call

5. Explain your problem

6. Ask for confirmation that they are the correct person to handle your problem

7. If the answer is no, ask for the name and number of the individual you should contact

8. Ask how long it should be for the problem to be corrected.

9. Make a note of the date of your call, the person you spoke to and the information you were given

10. If no resolution to the problem was offered, or if the resolution did not take place within the time specified, contact Linda Arvers in the OV Business Office at 203-377-5313, extension 1. Linda will contact the Altice management person responsible for customer service.

11. Provide Linda with all the information you have documented

12. Allow 5 days to elapse. If the problem is not resolved, follow up with Linda or Fred Rodriguez.

Note: Please do not shortcut this process and go to Linda Arvers directly. Unless she is able to provide the Altice management person with the information about the effort made by the resident, she cannot request further assistance.

2020-2021 Schedule of OVCA & OVTD Board Meetings

Below is a schedule of upcoming OVCA & OVTD Board Meetings (to be held virtually until further notice). Agendas will be distributed to residents electronically and posted on the website 5 days in advance of each meeting.

Note: The OVTD Board meets quarterly at 4 p.m. The OVCA Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. (with the exception of February and December when meetings do not occur).


2020-2021 Board Meeting Schedule

2020-2021 OVCA Board Meeting Dates2021 OVTD Board Meeting Dates
November 17. 2020January 26, 2021
January 19, 2021April 27, 2021
March 16, 2021May 25, 2021 – Annual Meeting
April 20, 2021
May 18, 2021
June 22, 2021
July 20, 2021
August 17, 2021
September 21, 2021 Annual Meeting
October 19, 2021
November 16, 2021


Notice of Clubhouse Closures Beginning Monday, March 16

Dear Residents:

In consideration of the recent health concerns related to COVID-19, and following the current best practices in place, we are temporarily closing the Clubhouse facilities to residents as of Monday March 16, 2020; our Business Office and Facilities Department will remain operational during this period.

We advise residents to direct your inquiries to OV staff members via telephone or email to restrict physical contact as a precautionary measure: 

Business Office: (203) 377-5313 or

Maintenance Office: (203) 375-8853 or

We realize that this significant inconvenience is problematic for many of our Villagers. However, we believe that it’s best to err on the side of caution, especially during this time period.  

We want to reiterate that if you have concerns of any specific nature, albeit your own health worries or the anxiety of possible exposure, you should follow the recommendations issued by the Center for Disease Control.

We will continue to monitor the circumstances related to this situation and will advise you accordingly as information becomes available. 

We hope that this measure will be short-lived so that we can return to our standard operations in the Village.

In the interim, we also ask that you continue to take the necessary precautions and obtain information that is currently provided by local, state and federal agencies.

We have included some helpful links below.

Connecticut State Department of Public Health

Town of Stratford Corona Virus Update

Town of Stratford Information on Corona Virus


2021 Employee Holidays


2021 Employee Holidays 

New Year’s Day, Friday, January 1

Presidents’ Day, Monday, February 15

Good Friday, April 2

Memorial Day, Monday, May 31

Independence Day, Monday, July 5

Labor Day, Monday, September 6

Columbus Day, Monday, October 11

Thanksgiving, Thursday & Friday, November 25 & 26

Christmas, Friday, December 24​

OV “In Tribute” Book

The library at NCB houses more than novels, biographies, puzzles and paperbacks. It is the location of the stately Oronoque Village “In Tribute” Book, which sits on a pedestal against the far right wall. The book has a solemn purpose: it recognizes treasured residents who have passed away.

The In Tribute Book was initiated in 2012 by the Memorial Plaque Committee, consisting of Mel Holson, Linda Libertino, Jim Manzolli, Barbara Minoff, Loretta Sills and John Staley. This ad hoc committee was charged with creating a way in which departed residents can be publicly honored by their loved ones.

Inclusion in the In Tribute Book requires a contribution of $250 or more to Oronoque Village. Contributors are allowed one page in the book to include photos and/or text honoring their deceased loved ones.

For more information on the In Tribute Book, please email or call the Business Office at 203-377-5313, ext. 3.

Currently, the book recognizes:

Laura (Schachter) Diamond

Villager Deadline Dates for 2021

The Villager magazine is published on the 1st and 15th of each month, when possible. Below are the scheduled dates of publication and the issue deadlines. These dates are subject to change.


ISSUE DATES                       DEADLINE DATE (Deadlines are at noon on each date below)

Jan. 4                                        Dec. 17

Jan. 15                                      Jan 4

Feb 1                                       Jan 19

Feb. 16                                    Feb 2

March 1                                   Feb 16

March 15                                  March 2

April 1                                     March 19

April 15                                   April 1

April 30                                    April 20

May 17                                    May 4

June 1                                      May 18

June 15                                    June 1

July 1                                       June 18

July 15                                     July 2

Aug.  2                                      July 20

Aug. 16                                   Aug.  3

Sept. 1                                      Aug. 19

Sept. 15                                   Sept. 2

Oct.  1                                     Sept. 20

Oct. 15                                    Oct. 1

Nov. 1                                     Oct. 19

Nov. 15                                   Nov.  2

Dec. 1                                    Nov. 16

Dec. 15                                   Dec.    2



Welcome to Our Newest Residents

Antonio & Lucy Andrade, Maria Jardim and Nicholas Andrade, 183A Apache Lane

Peter & Barbara (Bambi) Clark, 186B Apache Lane

Gregory & Eileen Duhig, 134B Bannock Lane

John Harkins & Karen Galie. 633B Old Knife Lane

Nicholas Jones. 50B Cedar Bark

updated 4/14/2021

Trash & Recycling Pickup Holiday Schedule for 2021

Trash & Recycling Collection Holiday Pickup Schedule for 2021:

New Year’s Day, Friday, January 1​ – No change in pickup schedule

Memorial Day, Monday, May 31 – Pickup will occur on Thursday, June 3

Independence Day, Friday, July 2 – No change in pickup schedule

Labor Day, Monday, September 6 – Pickup will occur on Thursday, September 9

Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 25 ​ – No change in pickup schedule

Christmas, Friday, December 24​​​ – No change in pickup schedule



Dog Owners Must Follow Village Rules and Town Regulations

Oronoque Village allows its residents to own pets, with a limit of one pet per unit. However, there are specific guidelines that pet owners must follow. Below is a clarification of the Village rules that must be followed by dog owners.


1.  One pet is permitted per unit.

2.  Pets must be leashed when outside.

3.  Pet waste must be picked up.

4.  Pets may not be left unattended when outside.

5.  Pet owners must maintain control of their pets.

6.  Pets are not permitted to cause an ongoing disturbance.

7.  Pets (excluding properly identified service dogs) are not permitted in the clubhouses, swimming pools, gym, racquet sports courts  or other facilities.

8.  Pets (animals) may not be raised or bred in or out of any unit in the Village.

9.  Cats may not be let out to roam.

10. Pet owners must not permit dogs to walk on plants and should be mindful of other residents’ privacy when walking near units.


1.  Residents who have issues with pet behavior or with animal cruelty should contact the Town of Stratford Animal Control Department.  Residents should also alert the Business Office that this action has been taken.

2.  Dog owners who use expandable leashes should insure that their pet does not cause a problem to an oncoming vehicle or pedestrian.

updated 10.19.19