OV Tax District

OVTD History & FAQs


In 1979, the Town of Stratford created the Oronoque Village Tax District pursuant to a state statute authorizing its formation for limited purposes. These include, among others, the lighting of streets; the planting and care of shade and ornamental trees; the construction and maintenance of roads, crosswalks, sidewalks, drains and sewers; the hiring of security; and the construction and maintenance of recreational facilities—all of which had previously been provided by the Condominium Association or by the Town of Stratford. The Condominium Association then licensed the Tax District to perform those functions on its behalf.


Question: Are tax district taxes deductible from your Federal Income taxes?

Answer:  This is an issue that has been raised many times in the past.  The Oronoque Village Condominium Association (OVCA) takes no position on the deductibility of Tax District taxes and strongly recommends that each unit owner consult his/her qualified tax advisor.

Question:  Who is responsible for the daily operations of the Village, the Condominium Association or the Tax District?

Answer:  The Oronoque Village Condominium Association is legally responsible for the daily operations of the Village. The Tax District responsibilities include roads, security and others allowed by law.

Question:  For whom do our employees work?

Answer:  Although a portion of your common charges, as well as a portion of your Tax District taxes, pays our employees’ wages, they are employed and supervised by the condominium association.  Any problems or concerns that you may have regarding an employee in the performance of his/her duties must be reported to either our Executive Manager, our Maintenance Director or to the OVCA board itself.  You may not order or discipline the employees yourselves.


OVTD Board

Linda Libertino, President481A Commanche Lane203-377-7862libertino481@yahoo.com
Tom Aubin Vice President274B Runnining Brook Lane203-577-9857 aubintom46@gmail.com
Thomas Becker, Treasurer473A North Trail609-658-7873tom.tbecker@gmail.com
Jonathan Towles, Clerk 597D Sioux Lane 917-701-5819 vinyl1@earthlink.net
Dennis Caffrey, Director 186A Apache Lane203-381-9484 decaffrey12@gmail.com
Marie Szalontay Director525B Chapokele Lane203-870-6319mariaszalontay@hotmail.com
Bill Tanski, Director771A North Trail 203-540-5389 cwdtans@aol.com
Thomas Torpey, Director253B Agawam Lane203-386-1334 ttorpey14@gmail.com
Ray Vermette , Director 388A Sequoia Lane 203-375-0291 rayverm388@gmail.com

OVTD Committees


Finance Committee

Thomas Becker, chair473A North Trail609-658-7873
Charles DeSienna501A Pawnee Lane 203-612-4952
Maria Szalontay525B Chapokele Lane203-870-6319
Jonathan Towle597D Sioux Lane203-612-7082
Ray Vermette388A Sequoia Lane203-375-0291
Kenneth Colman, OVCA Liaison94A Seminole Lane203-261-8249

Roads Committee

Jonathan Towle, chair597D Sioux Lane203-612-7082
Tom Aubin274B Runningbrook Lane203-605-2636
Dennis Caffrey186A Apache Lane203-381-9484
Peter Penny603A Cherokee Lane203-375-1192
Bill Tanski771A North Trail 203-540-5389

Security Committee

Dennis Caffrey, chair186A Apache Lane203-381-9484
Nancy Blagys517A Iroquois Lane203-249-4148
Anne Gallo142B Bolbone Lane203-380-1022

Nominating Committee

District 1Cathy Rapaport44B Buckskin Lane203-345-8370, cathy.fiveson@gmail.com
District 2Martin Wolf397A Ottawa Lane203-385-3855mhwolf@optimum.net
District 3none
District 4Irene Keating274A Runningbrook Lane203-377-3980irenermb3@optonline.net
District 5Ellen Hyde Phillips193B Bayfield Lane203-378-7558ellen@fairfieldinteriors.com

District 6Ann Gallo142B Bolbone Lane203-380-1022anngallo10@aol.com
Jerry Brown, alt122A Cayuga Lane203-378-7781barjer122@att.net
District 7Rick Botta442A Hammerstone Lane203-522-5465bluebook60@outlook.com
Sharon Levinson, alt.608B Erie Lane203-380-8240 sslevinson@att.net
District 8Jeanette Caron565A Pequot Lane203-345-6493jackiecaron@yahoo.com
District 9Susan Pfannkuch497B Iroquois Lane203-345-2736pfannkuchs@gmail.com
Susan Del Bene, alt. 515B Opa Lane203-549-9279 sdelbene@pace.edu
District 10Becky Botkin626B Onandaga Lane203-230-9031becky@caregivershome.com
Barbara Stewart, alt.621A Onondaga Lane203-612-1373barbsmt@yahoo.com
District 11Douglas Finocchi731B North Trail 203-258-0505finocchi1@att.net

Board Meeting Minutes