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Oronoque Village Condo Association Descriptions

The following is a brief description of the various OVCA Standing Committees. Please refer to the OVCA By-Laws for the complete text.

Architectural Committee

The Architectural Committee  maintains reasonable architectural and landscaping uniformity within the Village as well as recommends standards and procedures for architectural and landscaping changes to buildings and grounds throughout the community. Click on Application for Change to access the form.

Jim Manzolli, Chairperson788A Nyack Lane203-377-6119comanche327@optimum.net
James Ganis282A Agawam Drive203-377-1701ganisj@aol.com
Arnold Gans157A South Trail203-506-8234arnold_gans_archit@sbcglobal.net
Larry Hartleyl46B Buckskin Lane 203-887-5833bohoko@aol.com
Stan Lessler491A Iroquois Lane203-380-2056jblessler@optonline.net
Ellen Hyde Phillips193B Bayfield Lane203-378-7558 ellen@fairfieldinteriors.com
Mark Rhatigan, Dir. of Maintenance275 Oronoque Lane203-375-8853mrhatigan@oronoquemaintenance.com

By-Laws Revision Committee

The By-Laws Revision/Review Committee is appointed annually by the OVCA President to serve as monitor of the By-Laws and the Declaration.

Lee Shlafer, Chairperson136A Bison Lane203-345-1649lmarsh3272@gmail.com
Dave Bingham661A North Trail203-502-0131davetr6@optimum.net
Maggie Dunigan129B Cayuga Lane203-380-0769mdunigan1@optimum.net
Cathy Koritko485A Commanche Lane203-378-2774cathykig@gmail.com
Martin Wolf397A Ottawa Lane203-385- 3855martinwolf@sbcglobal.net

Communications Committee

The  Communications Committee optimizes the use of Village resources with the goal of improving Village life by communicating with Unit Occupants in a coherent and encompassing fashion.

Wendy Swain, chair235A Boxelder Lane203-386-9125wendysw10s@gmail.com
Jeanette Caron565A Pequot Lane203-345-6493jeanettecaron7@gmail.com
Judith Lessler491A Iroquois Lane203-380-2056jblessler@optonline.net
Lee Shlafer136A Bison Lane203-345-1649lmarsh3272@gmail.com
Tina Vermette388A Sequoia203-375-0291rayverm388@gmail.com
Judy Waldeyer576A Arapaho Lane203-380-0580jamlady@sbcglobal.net

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee  monitors and addresses all matters that have a fiscal impact on the Condominium Association and its property and report their findings monthly to the Board of Directors. With the assistance of the Executive Director, the Finance Committee prepares and recommends an annual budget for submission to the Board of Directors for acceptance; undertake a review, at least annually, of the long-range financial objectives of the Condominium Association and report their recommendations to the Board of Directors; and makes  investments pursuant to the prudent investor rule, subject to change by the Board of Directors.

Robert Romatzick, Chairman751A Pontiac Lane203-377-7862rromatzick@aol.com
Kenneth Colman, vice chair94A Seminole Lane203-261-8249kpcman@sbcglobal.net
Cheryl Dwyer774B Poddatook Lane203-375-4961cheryl.dwyer@sbcglobal.net
Victor Liss253A Agawam Drive203-386-8000vsliss@optonline.net
Robert Macaluso639A Onondaga Lane203-377-3670marmacaluso@snet.net
Tom Becker, OVTD Liaison473A North Trail609-658-7873tom.tbecker@gmail.com

House Facilities Committee

The House Facilities Committee is responsible for recommending to the Board of Directors rules and regulations for the use and enjoyment of the House Facilities;  reviewing and recommending, in cooperation with the Finance Committee, to the Board of Directors all requests for funding and improvements related to the House Facilities, and (iii) supervision of the activities utilizing the House Facilities, but does not include supervision of paid employees.


Cheryl Dwyer, Chairperson774B Pootatuck Lane203-375- 4961cheryl.dwyer@sbcglobal.net
Debbie Grosso211A Agawam Drive203-380-2469bobgrosso@sbcglobal.net
Irene Keating274A Running Brook203-377- 3980irenermb3@optonline.net
Barbara Minoff731A North Trail203-386- 0533mbminoff@aol.com
Marie Orlowe55B Black Hawk Lane203-380- 0135mree526@optimum.net
Barbara Stewart88B South Trail203-612- 1373barbsmt@yahoo.com
Maria Szalontay525B Chakopele Lane732-261-5408mariaszalontay@hotmailcom
Mark Rhatigan, Dir. of Maintenance275 Oronoque Lane203-375-8853mrhatigan@oronoquemaintenance.com

Human Resources Committee

Bob Grosso, Chairperson211A Agawam Drive203-380-2468
Bruce Blanchard182B Apache Lane203-380-8012
Cheryl Dwyer774B Pootatuck Lane203-375-4961
Marilyn Ganis282A Agawam Drive 203 377-1701
Dick Steinfeld233A Boxelder Lane203-331-2730

Insurance/Risk Management Committee

The Insurance/Risk Management Committee oversees compliance with the provisions of §§47-83 and 47-255 of the Connecticut General Statutes, any provisions of the By-Laws, and the Declaration. The Committee periodically reviews the coverages carried by the Condominium Association, and recommends changes, modifications, revisions, etc.

Cheryl Comen, co-chair409A Montauk Lane203-378-4323ccomen@sbcglobal.net
Wayne Cotter, co-chair122B Cayuga Lane631-357-2973wcotter999@gmail.com
Ed Dacey471A Commanche Lane203-345-1043efdacey@gmailcom
Bob Koritko485A Commanche Lane203-378-2774bobkoritko@gmail.com
Bernie Pasierb486B Commanche Lane203-545-3183bepas123@yahoo.com
Martin Wolf397A Ottawa Lane203-385-3855martinwolf@sbcglobal.net
Ray Vermette, OVTD liaison388A Sequoia Lane203-375-0291rayverm388@gmail.com

Maintenance Committee

The Maintenance Committee functions as an advisory body to (a) the Executive Director, (b) the Maintenance Manager, and (c) the Board of Directors, providing reports of maintenance conditions, along with appropriate recommendations, ideas, guidance and support to the end that all maintenance operations are as efficient as possible. In addition, the Committee, as an integral part of the Risk Management Program, assists in monitoring the appropriate use of safety devices by the maintenance personnel and Unit Owners and occupants as required by Federal, State or Municipal authorities or by the insurance carrier or the Board of Directors.

District 1Dee Tuozzoli15C Algonquin Lane203-375-3724deensey.dt@gmail.com
John Moser , alt43A Buckskin Lane203-377-3404 jjmoser@optimum.net
2Al Comen409A Montauk Lane203-378-4323ccomen@sbcglobal.net
John Kuchta, alt403B Montauk Lane203-216-6356DMK705@GMAIL.COM
3Ken Block, Chairman303A Piute Lane203-870-9561kennb@optonline.net
Joseph Serapiglia, alt81A Seminole Lane 203-877-2818 jsera624@optonline.net
4Jackie Freeman291A Agawam Drive203-377-5291jackiefree@sbcglobal.net
Marilyn Ganis, alt282A Agawam Drive203-377-1701mrganis@aol.com
5Roy Drexler194A Bayfield Lane203-258-1028rdrexler09@gmail.com
Ed Stabile, alt223C Shoshoni Lane 203-690-1008 esdes@aol.com
6 Renee Zinn166A Cayuga Lane 203-323-3466 reneezn@optonline.net
Carole Fitzgerald, alt 125A Cayuga Lane203-377-3532
7Carol Plotnick444A Hammerstone Lane203-375-1560 cplotnick@optimum.net
Marilyn Coffey, alt605B Cherokee Lane 203-362-5233 macoff17@optimum.net
8Melinda McCreary 551A North Trail 203-375-1667 blondeworks@aol.com
Eileen Claveloux559A North Trail203-377-5649ebc0809@gmail.com
9Jim Thompson 529A Narraganset Lane203-380-0899jthompson52@optimum.net
Judith Lessler, alt491A Iroquois Lane203-380-2056jblessler@optonline.net
10Jim Weaver542A Narraganset Lane203-395-0134jim4mare@aol.com
Ronald Ciecko, alt641B North Trail203-375-6323sisu462@sbcglobal.net
11Merrilees Leemhuis763B Nyack Lane 203-378-8753merrileesl@aol.com
Norm Dube, alt 764A Nyack Lane203-380-9744ndube1@optonline.net
updated 10.16.19

Pool Facilities Committee

The Pool Facilities Committee shall have responsibility for  recommending to the Board of Directors rules and regulations for the use and enjoyment of the swimming pool facilities and recommending improvements to the facilities, in cooperation with the Finance Committee, to the Board of Directors.
Jackie Freeman, Chairperson 291A Agawam Drive203-377-5291
Cheryl Dwyer774B Pootatuck Lane203-375-4961
Robert Koritko485A Commanche Lane203-378-2774
Betty Mulholland273B Running Brook203-375-9278
James Torregiani789B Nyack Lane203-377-4876

Racquet Sports Committee

The Racquet Sports Committee has responsibility for (I) recommending to the Board of Directors rules and regulations for the use and enjoyment of the Facilities, (ii) reviewing and recommending, in cooperation with the Finance Committee, to the Board of Directors all requests for funding and improvements related to the Facilities, and (iii) supervision of the activities on or about the Facilities.

Peter Feick, chairperson478B Iroquois Lane203-762-7150
Regina Archazki, president, Pickleball Club651B North Trail203-915-0781
Gery Cuccaro15B Algonquin Lane203-283- 4399
Abbie Kanner 752A Pontiac Lane, 203-858-2624
Ben Snaider, president, Tennis Club597C Sioux Lane203-382-4128

Social Activities Committee

The Social Activities Committee’s primary function is to plan, organize, arrange, and oversee social activities in the name of the Condominium Association.

District 1Janice Dulberg61B Cheyenne Lane203-846-9263jcd460@optonline.net
2Linda Eastwood423B Black Hawk Lane203-970-6159lseastwood3@gmail.com
Mary Ellen Saylor, alt361A Blackhawk Lane203-308-6114mesaylor@sbcglobal.net
3Stephanie Fians 98A Seminole Lane203-258-7445steph.fians@sbcglobal.net
Debbie Lamberti, alt305A Piute Lane203-377-1350thedahling@aol.com
4Celeste Jardim286B Agawam Drive203-520-4569filha@aol.com
Deb Aubin, alt274B Runningbrook Lane203-605-2636
5Patricia Spodick202B Acorn Lane203-375-1788patricia.spodick@raveis.com
Ulla Adema, alt211B Agawam Drive203-255-0506kees13adema@gmail.com
6Janet Lisak155B Apache Lane203-203-506-1893jmlisak9@yahoo.com
Karen Battista, alt138A Bison Lane813-394-1314battik112@yahoo.com
7Kathy Flynn573A North Trail540-729-1789kflynn1021@aol.com
George Zamary, alt614B Cherokee Lane203-296-1469sdanger89@aol.com
8Eileen Claveloux559A North Trail203-377-5649ebc0809@gmail.com
Ed Myer, alt473B North Trail203-296-9367myered@hotmail,com
9Katie Novotny527B Chapokele Lane203-257-1796novakate@gmail.com
Nancy Heuser, alt533B Narraganset Lane203-612-6904NCHEUS@OPTIMUM.NET
10Mary Ann Weaver542A Narraganset Lane203-395-0134jim4mare@aol.com
Kathy Wu, alt665B North Trail203-387-0000kwu57@yahoo.com
11Barbara Minoff, Chairperson731A North Trail203-386-0533mbminoff@aol.com
Dorothy Tanski, alt771A North Trail203-540-5389dorothytanski@aol.com

updated 10.15.19


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