Writers Group

The Oronoque Village Writer’s Group (OVWG) is a group of writers who enjoy the challenges of writing and of sharing their work in a trusted environment.  Members commit to attending workshops twice a month in a respectful, supportive and professional environment with hopes of expanding their writing and publishing horizons.  Our members include published authors and hobbyists.  Our works include essays, memoirs, poems, short stories, treatises, humorous tales, heart-wrenching histories.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please email or call Mary von Ziegesar (MvonZ@optonline.net – 203.767.9760) or Elisabeth Breslav (tulpenbol@att.net – 203.385.8505) for information about the OVWG, the membership process and attending a workshop.



  1. The OVWG membership is open to all residents of OV and to residents only.
  2. Members of the OVWG are seriously interested in writing and committed to meeting with the group on a regular basis.
  3. Members of the OVWG appreciate the sharing of personal stories and creative efforts and act with mutual trust and respect for each other and for each other’s work.
  4. Members of the OVWG understand that meetings are workshops and members must participate by writing, reading their works, and supporting other members with constructive criticism.
  5. GUESTS:  Since meetings are workshops and some members share (personal, sensitive) writings “in progress,” the meetings are not open to the public. However, a member may request to bring a GUEST/visitor who has expertise in writing, editing or publishing. A GUEST will not present a writing, nor offer critique of members’ writing unless that GUEST is attending to address the group on the subject of his/her expertise. Consensus by a poll/vote of two thirds of the Group’s members must be obtained before a GUEST is brought to a meeting.
  6. An OV resident who is interested in becoming a member of the OVWG will be considered an OBSERVER and will be invited to attend one or two meetings to help his/her decision about making a commitment to join the OVWG.
  7. Please note a sample of copyright verbiage: “These creations are the protected intellectual property of the writer. Reproduction, distribution, exhibition, or replication in any media without written approval of the author is prohibited.”










Board Meeting Minutes