Residency Restrictions


As with any condominium, Oronoque has rules and regulations that help preserve the unique and highly desirable community that we are. Although you will want to review these in their entirety, some of the more important are summarized below.

Age Restriction

Occupancy is restricted to households in which one person is at least 55 years old, and no resident child is under age 17.

Interior/ exterior modifications

There may be no external modifications such as installation of windows, doors, patios, satellite dishes, shutters, awnings, canopies, storm or screen doors, balcony/porch enclosures – and no internal structural changes – without prior written approval of the Architectural Committee. Changes to internal utilities must be approved via an application to the Maintenance Department. An Application for a Service Request/Work order or for an Odd Job Request may be found on line under MAINTENANCE or DOCUMENTS and FORMS or may be obtained from the OVCA business office. Completing the forms on-line is encouraged. Please note that the electronic submission of this form is available only on the OV website and not on the Portal.

Outside decorations and displays

Nothing may be attached to the outside of units (or unit windows), or placed in common areas. Common areas may not be obstructed, or used for storage. Anything that causes a nuisance to other residents, impedes maintenance, or is deemed excessive or offensive, will be removed at owner’s expense.

Outside plantings

Requests for additional plantings such as trees, shrubs and flower beds to be placed in common areas must be approved in advance by the Director of Maintenance, and then by the Building & Grounds Committee. Seasonal maintenance, weeding and upkeep of these added plantings are the responsibility of the unit owner, including any such plantings that were installed by a previous owner.


Each unit has space for two vehicles: a garage and a parking space. Overnight parking shall be prohibited from the area adjacent to the residential unit and the Community Building parking lot areas by the following types of vehicles: trailers, commercial passenger vans, pickup trucks, trucks, camping trailers, buses, mopeds, motor scooters, motorcycles, all-terrain off road vehicles, hearses, snowmobiles, ambulances, recreational vehicles and cargo vans.


Each unit is permitted to have one dog or cat. When a pet is taken outside, it must be leashed and a pooper-scooper used. Any pet creating a disturbance will be permanently removed on 10 days notice. Exotic animals and reptiles are not permitted.

Commercial enterprises

Operation of commercial enterprises from OVCA units is prohibited.

Risk Management Program

The Risk Management program is an on-going home safety initiative to keep us and our premises safe, and our insurance rates down. It requires water leak, fire and smoke, interior freeze/low temperature alarms (when the unit is unoccupied for an extended period in winter), which must be installed and maintained by the unit owner. The OVCA Maintenance Department or its designate will, with the owner’s cooperation, perform periodic inspections of these devices, and any component which may create a hazardous condition within the unit will be corrected at the owner’s expense.

Oronoque Country Club

The Oronoque Country Club is a private, members-only facility. Each Oronoque Village resident is entitled to a complimentary Full Social Membership which allows use of all of clubhouse facilities – restaurants, bar and lounge, and the adjacent driving range (after payment of the normal fee) – at regularly scheduled hours except when unavailable due to special events such as private functions. The Club general manager should be contacted to obtain a membership card to this private, members-only facility.

Each resident is allowed to play one round of golf per month on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at the Guest Rate fees (cash only) posted in the Pro Shop. A social member may be the guest of a golf member, but not more than once per month in that capacity.

Each resident is entitled to Full or Single Golf Membership upon payment of relevant dues. If there is a waiting list, Oronoque Village residents will be placed ahead of all other applicants except for other residents who have previously applied. No outside application shall be processed until all unit owners on the waiting list have been accepted.

OVCA access to the golf course and its surrounding paths is prohibited during the hours of 7am – 8pm during the season.

Fair Housing

Oronoque Village complies with all applicable state and federal fair housing laws. Any resident who believes they need an accommodation due to a disability should make the request in writing. All requests for accommodations should be directed to: Oronoque Village Business Office, 600 North Trail, Stratford, CT 06614.